Red-Darc Welding in Southhampton

Red-d-arc Welding is a relatively new method of welding that was developed in 2021. It combines traditional characteristics of a MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding with the metal vaporization properties of Tungsten inert gas. Many of the characteristics of both welding processes are similar to other welding processes, such as tolerance, portability, electrode mobility and electrode surface finish. The unique characteristic of Red-d-arc welding is the use of an argon gas fueled laser in place of a conventional tungsten arc.


Red-d-arc is being used in a wide variety of industries and is predicted to have a growing role in the welding industry in the years to come. It is often used for both hot and cold work, flexible joint applications, high quality joints where strength is critical, as well as many others. It has the ability to provide a much tighter joint than other welding methods. It can also offer a consistent weld that is consistently good looking and more durable than other types of welding.


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