Podiatry Annandale – Another Podiatry School in Melbourne

Podiatry Annandale is one of two colleges located in Melbourne, Australia that focus on podiatry. The other college, located in Melbourne itself, is known as LBNV. Podiatry is a part of the medical field that focuses on the treatment and prevention of various disorders of the foot and ankle. A student who is interested in getting a degree in podiatry can apply to either of the Podiatry schools located in Melbourne.

Podiatry Annandale

Podiatry Annandale

Once you have completed your undergraduate studies at a college or university in the United States, or any other country for that matter, you can apply for an examination at the Podiatry School of Medicine in Melbourne. This exam consists of two parts and will consist of a written and a practical exam. After you pass both parts of the examination, you will be mailed your degree and registration card for a Podiatry course at the Podiatry School of Medicine in Melbourne. Once you have completed your training, you can apply to work in either the Podiatry Department of a hospital or even start your own Podiatry Business.

This is just one small portion of the many wonderful career opportunities that are available to those who obtain their degrees at Podiatry Annandale. Other subjects that you may study include anatomy, radiology, physiology, diagnostic procedures, and other related areas. You will also learn about legal issues, management and leadership in the medical field. Once you graduate from the Podiatry program at Podiatry Annandale, you can pursue other exciting doctorate programs such as a PhD, MBA, and other graduate-level studies. There are even options to obtain certifications in specific areas of medicine after you have finished your undergraduate studies.

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