Plus Size Fashion

plus size fashion

Whether you’re in need of plus size clothing for special occasions or just want to look good in a new outfit, the plus size fashion market offers something for every taste. Designer brands that cater to plus size consumers include 11 Honore, which has a wide range of designers available in sizes 10-20. There are also some high-end plus-size collaborations with retailers, such as Lane Bryant, such as Prabal Gurung. And, as we’ve mentioned in other articles, larger models are now becoming more mainstream in runway shows. Designers like Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano, and Prabal Gurung have all joined the plus size fashion fray. Find out –

The Rise of Body Inclusivity

While plus-size fashion is a recent phenomenon, it has grown significantly over the past 20 or 30 years. For a time, this trend was going in the right direction, but was interrupted by the resurgence of Tumblr girls and the aesthetics of the early 2000s. This lack of action has meant that body inclusivity has become a buzzword, but it is still an issue worth addressing. To make a plus-size fashion trend work, more plus-size fashion companies need to take action.

The rise of plus-size fashion is fuelled by the increasing popularity of celebrities in the fashion industryplus-size clothing. In April, Lena Dunham launched a women’s ready-to-wear line called 11 Honore, which starts at size 12. Katie Sturino recently wrote a book about size inclusivity, which encouraged women to stop obsessing over their weight and embrace their shape. In December 2018, Amy Schumer and Leesa Evans co-founded Le Cloud women’s rtw line, which goes up to size 20.

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