Factors to Consider When Choosing Wheel Casters

Choosing the right wheel need casters will improve your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Whether you are looking for a cart, dolly or pallet jack, casters can be customized for your application. Casters can be made from a wide variety of materials, including plastic, steel, or polyurethane. There are also brake options available.

What type of casters are best for concrete?

Depending on your application, you will want to choose wheels that can withstand certain temperatures and chemicals. For example, if you operate a food processing line, the casters you choose should be able to handle high temperatures. Similarly, if you use a platform truck in a plant, a heavy-duty caster will be more resistant to wear and tear than a lighter model.

Another factor to consider when choosing wheels is the wheel material. The material can influence the noise level and durability. For example, if you have a heavy-duty industrial application, you may want to choose forged steel wheels that are resistant to grease and hard impacts. In addition, softer materials are more appropriate for soft floor surfaces.

Wheels also have a width, or tread width. The width is measured from the outer surface of the wheel. A wider wheel reduces the noise level and makes it easier to roll. Wheels that are larger can also carry more weight.

Another important feature to consider when purchasing wheels is the swivel radius. Swivel casters allow the wheel to turn in any direction. These casters are commonly used in shopping carts. They are suitable for tight spaces, such as hallways.

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