Anti-DDoS Protection for Computer Servers

You may think that you’re safe from the attack of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) because you have a Layer 7 Protection firewall on your network. After all, your router isn’t vulnerable to attack and there are no point-to-point connections between your internal server and outside world anyway, right? Well, maybe you are partially right in this case, if you have a well configured firewall in place. Still, if you do not have a well-configured firewall in place, then you are putting yourself at serious risk. A well configured firewall is one of the most important elements for any network security, but it can be the most overlooked component of overall network security.

Anti-DDoS Protection for Your Business Server

A properly configured firewall will detect the attack on your machine and block all or most of the attacks, depending on what the attacker used to gain access to your machine. If you use a popular piece of Internet security software, such as ZoneAlarm’s Zonevision firewall, you will be able to see the traffic that is going through your firewall, which will help you determine the source of the attack. In most cases, the attack comes from someone getting onto your network from another location. You can then use the attack software you have to trace the attacker back to him or her.

Once you have traced the attack source, you can use the tracing software to delete any files that were used to attack your system. This makes sense, because if someone has enough knowledge of your network protocols, he or she will avoid putting file types or even numbers in those files that could be used to break into your system. You might also want to look into firewall detection. Many leading firewalls come with built-in IP blocking functionality, which will prevent attackers from using a certain IP address to try and penetrate your system. With the right software, you can eliminate many potential threats to your network quickly and easily.

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